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The common skin growth called a skin tag, or acrochordon, usually develops in folds of skin and causes little to no harm. Still, these growths can be irritating, and we can easily remove them by lasers.

Skin tags can appear smooth or irregular, and may attach to the skin by a short, narrow stalk called a "peduncle."

Skin rubbing against skin may play a role, since the growths usually occur among skin folds — in the armpits, neck and groin, and sometimes on eyelids.

Some studies show an association between skin tags and low-risk forms of human papilloma virus (HPV), so those viruses may help cause the growths, but does not spread to close contacts.

Additionally, the condition seems to run in families, so we suspect a genetic component.

However, they have to be differentiated from the 'warts'. These are caused by HPV viruses and tend to spread to close contacts and rest of your body too. You need to check your immune status if you find too many of these warts. 

They must be removed to prevent further growth or spread.

Skin Tags

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