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Aging is of two types - the normal aging and the premature aging.

Photo-Aging (Commonest type of premature aging)

‘Sun is worshipped as God all over the world, be it Aditya or Apollo!

Sun with its powerful rays is the major source of vitality for all living beings!

Sunlight is a free vitamin D booster!’

However, few places are blessed with too much of sunlight like our South Indian peninsula! So we experience summers, hot summers and rainy summers as seasons! Our poor skin takes the toll and starts to tan, loose its collagen (due to activation of enzyme collaginase) , accumulates elastin in abnormal amounts (solar elastosis) resulting in wrinkles, sagging, loss of volume, under-eye sausages, pigmentation, skin tags, skin pre-cancers and many more that makes us look older than we actually are! This in turn reduces the skin’s ability to make vitamin D from sunlight leading to Vitamin D deficiency. This is called Solar aging, a type of premature aging.

Recent studies have proven that UVA, UVB and Infrared rays play a part in accelerating the aging process. So folks! Our Sun can be worshipped in His happy hours like the early mornings; however, we better stay away from his furious afternoons!

Normal aging is characterized by laxity and fine wrinkling, as well as development of benign skin growths such as seborrheic  keratoses and angiomas, but is not associated with increased pigmentation or the deep wrinkles that characterize photoaging.

If you have the following problems, it’s likely that you have photo-aged skin!

(Remember that these occur in the sun-exposed ares like face, outer aspect of hands and upper back)


-Irregular, dark/light pigmentation,


-Deep furrows or volume loss,

-Telangiectases (visible small veins),

-Premalignant lesions (Actinic keratosis, keratoacanthoma, Bowens disease, etc)

-Skin laxity

-Leathery appearance,

-Yellowish skin (Solar Elastosis) , 

-Actinic purpura 


Apply a non-comedogenic, paraben-free sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. It should be applied evenly all over face and neck and other exposed areas every three to four hours once. It is better to apply it 15 minutes before going out in the sun. My personal opinion is to apply the sunscreen even when you are indoors inside an air-conditioned chamber as the UV and IR rays find you there as well!


Therapeutic Vitamin A and Vitamin C mask therapy

Safe and quality Chemical peels


Fractional Erbium Glass laser rejuvenation

Fractional CO2 rejuvenation

Laser or electro fulguration to remove skin tags and spots

Authentic Glutathione infusion


Strict Sun-protection in the form of:

Best: Avoid touring under the blazing sun between 11.00 AM – 3.00 PM.

Next to best:

  • Sun screens (see the Prevention sub-heading above)
  • Scarf or cloth to cover the skin (prefer denim that gives best sun protection!)
  • Black Umbrella or wide brimmed hats (Refer movie Titanic’s Rose intro scene!)
  • Quality Sun glasses that is huge enough to cover your under-eye skin.
  • Night creams based on glycolic acid and retinoic acid (now, don’t search online, get it prescribed by a certified dermatologist)
  • Regular monthly skin rejuvenation as recommended by the dermatologist.

Other conditions that lead to Premature aging:

-Smoking (makes you age 15X faster)

-Diabetis mellitus (Makes you age 10X faster)

-Premature aging disorders (Rare disorders like Progeria)

-Genetic Premalignant syndromes e.g.xerodermapigmentosum


Chronologic skin aging (Normal aging):

-Laxity and fine wrinkling that can be appreciated in both sun exposed and non-exposed skin.

-Benign growths such as seborrheic keratoses and cherry angiomas (red spots).


-Plenty of water (sip water as frequently as needed)

-Green and Yellow foods rich in natural sunscreens like beta carotenes

-Anti-oxidant capsules prescribed by a registered dermatologist.

-Cosmeto-therapeutic treatments like botox, fillers from a registered dermatologist’s office only! (don’t fall prey to big crocodiles out there )

Now comes the big question.

Q. So can we stop Aging?

A. Aging is inevitable, so is the passage of time. You can’t stop getting older, but you can stop looking older! You can prove that age is a mere number! You can put your peers and contemporaries in Awe by capturing the look just as you want!

Q. Whom can we consult for the above treatments?

A. The word ‘consult’ is important. You can only ‘consult’ the expert in the field. Don’t hesitate to have a consultation with your certified dermatologist and get the treatments done only from a dermatologist.

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