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Welcome to Buviis Dermagicalz, where you can be assured of experiencing the difference you always dreamt of.
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Acne & Acne Spots

Buviis Dermagicalz is the Advanced dermatologist Clinic in Chennai offering skin treatments for problem such as Acne, Pimples, dry skin.
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Let's Repair & Restore Your Hair

PRP for Hairloss

We Regrow areas of thinning hair and add fullness to your scalp via our most effective prp treatments in Chennai.
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Welcome To Buviis Dermagicalz

We at BUVIIS believe that skin reflects the unseen problems of the body.

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Trust Your Skin to our Expert Doctors at BUVIIS Dermagicalz.

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Advanced Laser Technology executed by Most Qualified Doctors

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Our Treatment Standards & Laser Technology are Internationally Certified & Recognized.

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Right Professional advice for all Skin and Hair diseases. Take Control of Your Skin & Hair.

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Delivers world class US FDA approved technologies and master mind of Dr. Buviis.

Aesthetic Dermatology

Aesthetic dermatology's primary purpose is to improve a person's looks by reducing or eliminating imperfections.

Fairay: Skin Lightening & Brightening

Skin brightening treatment using combination of Advanced peels tailored to your skin, US FDA Approved Laser toning and Glutathione therapy.

Pimple-off: Treatment For Pimples

Pimple-off offers research based advanced pimple treatment with combination of medicines and peels along with dietary & lifestyle changes.

Time-tuning: Anti-aging & Body Sculpting

Time-tuning offers a combination of US FDA Approved laser skin tightening, Skin tag removal,  Fillers and etc., to tune back your age! 

PRP-Boost: Hair Growth Stimulation

PRP with activated gel-tube technology combined with serums and medicines according to the underlying problem can boost your hair growth.

Scarlet: Laser Scar Revision

A combination of US FDA Approved Dual fractional laser, subcision, microneedling and therapeutic peels is used for acne scar revision.

Blair: Laser hair Reduction

Blair offers a holistic approach through US FDA Approved Safest Laser and medicines if necessary to unleash your girl power back!

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Mirror mirror on the wall... who is the prettiest of all ! Never fear to look at yourself in the mirror any more!!

Our Team

Dr. Bhuvanashree Nagaraja
Dr. Bhuvanashree Nagaraja

Dr. Bhuvanashree Nagaraja has completed her MBBS and MD in Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy from the prestigious Narayana Medical College, Nellore. Her name always made its way to the toppers list in both undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. She was selected to pursue her research scholarship from Indian Council of Medical research during which she studied about the Polycystic ovarian disease.

She was crowned with three gold medals in her MBBS and published papers in national and intenational journals. Her papers about acne and oxidative stress were presented in national forums which bagged the best award paper gold medal. She has been trained in cosmetology, aesthetic medicine, dermatosurgery and high end lasers from Quanta Academy, Italy. She holds great compassion and love towards her patients and focuses on a holistic approach. 

According to her, skin is a mirror that reflects the unseen problems of the body way before they manifest as symptoms. Even the simplest skin problems like the pimples, pigmentation, itching, hairfall, warts, unwanted hair growth etc have deep meaning that has to be addressed only by a holistic dermatologist. We can often hear her say, "Switch off the flame rather than wiping off the milk!". Once the reason is identified, the treatment is going to be very simple.

Dr. Deepak Narayan

Dr. Deepak Narayan is the co-founder of BUVIIS DERMAGICALZ. He has completed his MDS from the prestigious Annamalai University. He Went on to Pursue his studies in laser cosmetology from Quanta Academy, Italy. He is a great teacher, orator and has chaired sessions in national conferences. He also holds a certificate in Conscious sedation and conducted several classes with his team focusing on Basic Life Support.

His motto is to spend time in making the patient understand their problems because ignorance breeds fear. He trust that if the fear of diagnosis or treatment process is absolved, the rest is a cake-walk. So, look forward to speak with Dr.Deepak, an embodiment of honesty.

Dr. Deepak Narayan

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