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Safe and effective long term LASER hair reduction using our US FDA Approved Long Pulsed Nd YAG laser is the gold standard to treat unwanted hair growth. 

We look into the cause of unwanted hair growth and approach in a holistic way to get rid of your thick stubborn hairs forever!

*All our lasers are US FDA Approved. We are strictly against cheap Chinese or other unapproved gadgets. All laser treatments will be performed by MBBS and MD qualified Dermatologist with a stunning academic record . We love to spend time and fix breezy appointments so we can give undivided attention to our clients and patients.

Unwanted Hair Reduction

Why not wax or thread instead?

-Both processes causes your skin to loose fat, hence look more aged and wrinkled sooner.

-Chances of ingrown hair (pseudofolliculitis) are more.

-Not a permanent option.


What about electrolyses?

-Excruciatingly painful

-Involves a needle to be stuck into each of your hair follicle to burn it.


-Can lead to infection if not done under strict asepsis.

Do you really want to get rid of your Acnes / Acne Scars

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