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Let people be jealous of your natural beauty. Mild peels can be a wise choice initially as first time users can literally get their skin primed. Some of the peels like glycolic peel, mandelic peels, yellow peels, Arginine peels are useful in many patients with minimal down time. UV protection with sunscreen is very useful to prevent darkening. Cosmelan is an excellent choice with our US FDA Approved laser toning and we name it as our celebrity skin whitening procedure. Glutathione infusions add on to complete the picture giving a full body lightening and refreshment. As a bonus, your health is restored as well. 

Skin Lightening
Laser Carbon Peel - Hollywood peel

Laser Carbon Peel - Hollywood peel

Laser is an intelligent light!

Our US FDA Approved, Medical Grade Q switched Nd YAG LASER from Quanta Systems can visualize only the black colour and this selectivity helps to target and eliminate dark marks, pigmentation, sun tan, freckles, birthmarks. It helps the skin to rejuvenate and look more radiant. 

Laser Carbon Peel is popularly called the Hollywood Facial. 

CLARIFY: Our Clarify treatment (Carbon laser facial) consists of application of a purifying carbon mask followed by Q switched Nd YAG treatment that helps to clear the skin imperfections! This is followed by a cooling carbon mask that leaves your skin breathing again! 

Silk Peel dermal Infusion

We have the Envy Medical System's International sensation, on -the- go,  3 in 1 beauty treatment called the Silk Peel.

It cleanses the pores, exfoliates and infuses specific serums into the skin that leaves your skin feeling soft as the silk!

It is the third generation Microdermabrasion systems that couples diamond tip microdermabrasion with serum infusion. 

This no needles, no blood and no downtime treatment offers four ranges of serums to choose from - Skin brightening complex with glycyrrhiza glabra extract, pore clarifying for pimple prone skin, vitamin C rich serum for anti-aging and hyluronic acid serum for dry skin problems. 

Silk Peel dermal Infusion

Do you really want to get rid of your Acnes / Acne Scars

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