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Our dual fractional laser is truly a world class leader in post -pimple scar reduction. With both ablative and non-ablative lasers at its disposal, the interplay of Erbium Glass and Fractional CO2 lasers work like magic to make your scars look much better.

It also has a minimal downtime and safe for all skin types.

We combine PRP, subcision and medical treatment that offers excellent outcome.

Trust the WORLD LEADER for scar revision!

*All our lasers are US FDA Approved. We are strictly against cheap Chinese or other unapproved gadgets. All laser treatments will be performed by MBBS and MD qualified Dermatologist with a stunning academic record . We love to spend time and fix breezy appointments so we can give undivided attention to our clients and patients.

Scar Revision

Never pick at your pimple! This might increase your chances of having a scar. However, if you have them already, no worries as we can handle them!

Note: Do not get fooled by online creams or over the counter creams for scar removal. Since the fibrotic threads responsible for scar formation are in the second layer of the skin, energy devices like LASERS alone have the ability to reach them make the scar look less obvious.

Do you really want to get rid of your Acnes / Acne Scars

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